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Ever Wonder if It's all for you?

Well, the royal rumble was just superb. We sat in the balcony, but it was cool...we could see the men running out, and we could see all the wrestlers doing lovely things...Big Poppa Pump didnt beat Triple H cuz he was disqualified...im sure you care too....you were waiting for this update...dont deny it...

For those interested in the superbowl, Tampa is playing Oakland, which is lovely, considering that Jon Gruden (the coach of Tampa) use to be the coach for Oakland last year during the Patriots snow game...well it was the whole season, but you might remember him from the snow game...

This journal entry is like living with ESPN.

There is not much to write in other news. I like to listen to music on my computer, and chillout...i'm going to school and work tommorrow, then to stu's house...that will be lovely...we are contemplating riding to NH to pick up some stuff for the superbowl, but there is a large bottle in the back of my car (care of Dan and Jake)....Jake quit metro one, but we might all end up working at some calcium place or something.....i dont know ask brad...
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