Jami (ironchef) wrote,


So school is almost over...im debating right now whether to go see if i can find stu and randy and drink something, or if i should just go home....ive been up since 530, cuz i had to go to work and stu had to go to work, and he had to do dishes...and i made toast..it was fun.

My computer at the house is still MIA, so i am at school right now talking to Dan Levy. If you dont know Dan, you arent too cool. Lets see i think im going home...i dont really feel like going to Lynn right now, plus who knows where anyone is...

i was suppose to go to the bball game today, but hark...it didnt happen. Randy and Stu went instead cuz they are the cool people and hark i am not...thats the most time i have written hark in my entire life

i need to go to bed...i have to be back here in like 8 hours... or maybe more
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