Jami (ironchef) wrote,

It's My Life, Its now or never

Okay, thats my Bon Jovi quote. Speaking of the big BJ, we were very disapointed that he did not sing "Livin' on a Prayer" at the Super bowl. I have not updated lately, so I'll make like Craig David and fill you in....

Okay lets see, Friday night, Stu and I went to see a movie, but there was nothing really good playing anywhere, so we ended up at the salem dollar theater, which is no longer a dollar theater, and to some bangkok restauarnt to have drinks....We saw kangaroo jack...it was actually not that bad...Stu and I thought we would have the theater to ourselves, but we didnt, some lady with kids came in, so there was no hanky-panky in the theater.

Saturday night, we hung around and took a nap until like 1100, then we went and ate wendys and picked up Randy. Even though I had to work at like 630am on Sunday, I still remained at the bar until almost 2am...which meant I slept very little...Again, I hung out with Nails, Randy, Stu and Mike Kroll, so it was going out with Stop and Shop...Stu and I kinda ignored the "front end folk" cuz i really didnt care what happened when 3 people called out. Then Eddie came, so Stu had someone to talk to about something other than Stoppy, so I drove home. I went to bed at like 230, and Kendra called at like 538 to tell me to get up. I have her call, cuz i have a tendency to shut my alarm off without waking up. Then I went and got coffee and went to work. Kendra wanted cinamin coffee, but the lady shrieked "No sin, only meent", which meant they had chocolate mint coffee. Im sure this is all very exciting for you.

I worked for a fre hours, and surprisingly enough, it was acually busy. Then I left, and went and bought alcohol, and picked up Randy, and went to Tony's which is the sports bar behind Stoppy in Lynn. Stu, Randy and I hung out there, and decided we did not have enough beer, so Stu and I drove back in Middleton...(for those of you who dont know, only Middleton and north can sell alcohol on Sundays)...and then we drove back to Stu's. I was tired during the super bowl, but I ate a lot...then stu went to bed when the game was over, and I drove home cuz i didnt feel all that hot.

So Thats what I've been up to. . I made an appearance at old stoppy yesterday, but they decided it was more fun for me to ring, than to do what i was suppose to be doing. I also stuck a glove on the back of the frozen door, and it stuck...Ray was not amused, but I hate him anyway.

Nicole and I are going out on Friday, but she is making me pick the place.
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