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in all hopes maybe the time will past quickly....if not i can always drink it away.


The idea that no news is good news is not always true....but then again, I am not going to talk about that right now. I have lots of homework to do tomorrow, because I dont plan on doing any of it Monday night....I have to write a paper on what it means to be a healthy, functioning woman, I have to do my crime scene sketch, and write something for Stevens..who knows what he wants....

Shit, i just thought of something.....nothing good as usual...oh well nothing that i cant cure,....I'll probably end up writiing another entry later, but thats okay, its my journal, and I'll write if I want to...

If you could understand the me, then I could understand the you...and there wouldnt be problems...but dont look like thats happeneing....im sick of this....
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