Jami (ironchef) wrote,

This Chapter's Gonna be a Close on (or very long)

i have no idea what i mean, or whats going on...someone once asked me why i drink so much......it takes away the pain...whether or not thats a good this does not really bother me...

wait a minute im passing out, win or lose
just like you
far more shocking than anything i ever knew
how bout you?

Okay thats done...i keep sneezing, and i dont know why..if you know the issues than you knwo what is going on,...if you dont then just keep reading and hope one day i make sense...chances are it wont be today, it wont be tommorrow hell it might take a week or two, but one day ill make sense...i can totally see me not coming home on wednesday night...

remember that song sell out by REEL BIG FISH? its funny....cuz you're going to go to the record store, you're going to give them all your money, radio plays what they want you to hear.....sell out with me tonight. sell out wiht me oh yeah

scenes from an italian restaurant is a long song, but people like Me and Julio down by the school yard.....i like songs that have names that are longer than they acual song

he says "Son, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes....but it's sad, and its sweet, and i knew it complete, when I wore a younger mans clothes"

It looks like this entry will be a mess of lyrics that make little (if any) sense...but you know what...if you know, then you know what im going through, and thats my exucse...im enjoying this, so its all good............ who knows how long this will acually be, or if i end up deleting half of it tommorow. the point is at this point....1231am today, im happy

Lifts me right off the mezzanine, I finally fell in love, Ive been waiting forever.....

thats the best one here...learn it, live it, love it.

stepping of the 20, so the driver says, you should sleep tonight, but i think ill watch videos instead
annie hall leaves New York in the end...press rewind..woody gets her back again.

That from Blur...with the exception of Jill, i doubt any of you know any songs by blur other than "song 2" or the woo-hoo song....but thats just me.......i liked blur back in like 1997 but then again, do you care? i doubt you do

there are no real lyrics that i care to add from the song "clocks" by coldplay...between now and the time I die, JIll is going to teach me to play the piano part from this song...ill practice 234234 hours if i have to ...i just want to play the paino part...its a nice song...Stu doesnt always love it, but thats okay...you know im rambling, but last time i checked this was my journal, so vodka-induced rambling is allowed..bad to the bone

she had rings on her fingers, and bells on her shoes, i could tell without asking she was into the blues........

Well i aint often right, but I've never been wrong...seldom turns out the way it does in a song..
Once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right.

Okay that was a nice song...this will be a long entry...considering, im only on G in my list of songs, and i am quoting any lyrics i feel like talkign about

Bite my life, and close my eyes, take me away to paradise.
THIS is paradise!!!

I dig my toes into the sand...the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue plane...I lean against the wind, pretend i am weightless, and in this moment, I am happy...

I wish you were here.

That is a song ive done before. and its very nice...it has lots of meaning...im not saying i cant be happy..im saying Ican, its just better when you are here.

I just found ribs in the fidge...i have idead where said ribs came from, or what bbq sauce was used, but I ate two of them before my mind decided they were of not interest..i also found donuts, and old sloppy joe stuff from sunday, which makes it a day old which isnt old...

im still standing, better than I ever did, looking like a true survivor, looking like a little kid...

thats elton john..oh well ill figure it out...this is the lognest entry ever, i just keep writing about nothing...ill keep writing, i til i feel i can sleep or throw up .....andi cant type the music to kashmere...other than doo doo dooooooo or what not do do do do do do do do do do do do do ........what a nice rendition

i still dont understand why "Living By a Moment" by Lifehouse is saved as "Blanket" by Do without...and goes in the Ls....Ludacris is in the Cs, so wahaever.. i havent had any l;yrics lately. so i better make some....iyd

If i understand the you than i understnad the me...my tummy hurts, im not going to bed until it stops..if i blow jchunks i wish to be awake..nto like i sleep anyway..cuz of stu and his bed, i dont sleep at all...ever, but what can you do......
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