Jami (ironchef) wrote,

Lets get serious here

ITs snowing, but its not really sticking...i am not impressed, and the temp will get ot 40, which means the snow will probably stop. I am bored at school and nothing else is new...

I think we are going to get Ozzfest tickets today, but im not really sure...im waiting to see where folks want to sit, but thats a whole other story...

I have a lot of money in lock up right now...First of all, the money from the rent a car is still at enterprise...they have like 250, and i get like 242 back...when you get a car through insurance, you are suppose to get something comparable to your car...I have a jeep cherokee, which is no way comparable to a grand am but thats what i had last week. They wanted to give me a chevy mailbou, but that wasnt happening, so i payed 1.48 a day to get a car with a cool radio, and power everything. The radio told you what song was playing on the station, and it went up by itself when you drove faster...wierd huh.

The insurance people have 516.01 becuz i had to have the car fixed and they didnt add those costs to my thing. I am not really sure what I am suppose to do right now with all of these papers for the car, and chances are im not going ot ask...i wonder when it will stop snwoing...

Randy has some money of mine too, becuz he is dumb and wanted me to pay for his car, cuz he had no money..the only reason I agreed is that he wouldnt have had money until thursday, so his car woudl sit ther efor a aweek,.

metro one fired a bunch of people cuz of some stupid reason. if by chance anyone at metro one ever reads this, you didnt hear it from me...by the time you read this it will be old news anyway.
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