Jami (ironchef) wrote,

Life with Electronics

First of all my comp is broken so i havent written a lot lately. My cell phone fell into a cup of gingerale, and was submerged for a long time...the phone works, but the screen does not, so i purchased a new phone. Then, I lost said phone in the freak snow storm, and had to call Verizon at 2am to shut off my service. Then, we called the phone on Sunday morning to see if folks would answer. Turns out Stu had the phone but didnt tell me cuz i was in CT at the bridal shower with nicole. Or something like that.

Then yesterday i went to sit in line for tix to sit on the green monster, and i left my phone in the bathroom at MCdonalds...good thing for me I found it before I left. Or something. It took forever to get tickets

I might buy milczareks car...he is being a flake though... so i have to call him. I dont understand his flakiness. its quite dumb.

i bet i can talk him into it...

there isnt much other news. i have to go meet with dennis and give him my papers. School is dumb.
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